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NHS Sites Cleaning Services

If you’re responsible for selecting a window cleaning company for NHS sites, or private hospitals, you need a company that understands your requirements and one on which you can rely.

We understand that flexibility is important to you. We are able to work a round theatre and clinic times, including through the night if required.

We know that the common perception of cleaning companies is one of untrustworthy outfits trying to make a quick profit with untrained staff: this is why we have made our quality policy so simple and made sure we stick to it.

All of our cleaning operatives work under the control of a supervisor who is there to check all cleaning work and for our customers to raise any issues with. Any time there are any problems at all it is our quality policy to return to the site and resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the customer.

We will always make certain that our written promises - that is to say our quotes and estimates for cleaning your premises - cover exactly what you need: and then we will make absolutely certain that we deliver what we have promised at the price we have quoted.

You are also likely to have a complex site, quite possibly with some awkward access areas.

You will also want to protect patient privacy, and to avoid disturbing critically ill patients.

We plan our work carefully to ensure that we can meet your requirements.

Using specialised ladders (BSEN-150-5002 approved) we can access windows up to a height of 6 metres and we use lambs wool pads and squeegees for an immaculate finish. Should ladders be the only way to access the building you can rest assured that all of our ladders have been fitted with anti-slip safety devises, and all operatives have been trained to use them safely. We offer a complete range of methods for window, cladding and surface cleaning and will advise as to the most appropriate method in each circumstance.

Specialised Ladders providing access up to a height of 6m, Water-fed poles where obstructions make the use of ladders impossible and for access over 10m.

We at WCL Window Cleaning Services have developed a good reputation for high quality work to give the best results but saving you money.

Water-fed poles:

This method is by far the safest and most effective method of cleaning windows developed and is recognised by operators and clients alike, as the future industry standard. WCL Window Cleaning Services have been using this system for 5 years, and continue to invest in the latest developments in this field, ensuring that our clients are given the best possible service. We can access windows up to 65 feet safely, working from the ground. When we arrive on site we carry a supply of 100% pure water, sufficient to provide 5 hours continuous working for 2 operators. We are also equipped to top up our supplies on site, should the job require it.

The advantages of water-fed poles are:

Fully complies with health & safety regulations.

Environmentally friendly, as only pure water is used. No chemicals or detergents are required.

Reaches previously inaccessible windows.

Minimal disturbance to building occupants.


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Fiona Stewart, Roadshow Marketing, Europe

I was very impressed with your window cleaning service.

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